Tracy Elizabeth Hawes, CLMT

About Tracy:

Tracy’s philosophy is a direct reflection of her diverse wealth of knowledge and wisdom, accessed from her own personal life experiences, spiritual transformational, and personal growth journey.

Being the fifth born of 11 children paved the way for Tracy’s passion in understanding the “order of things.” An inquisitive child, she was forever investigating how things worked and fit together in their particular order. She is insatiable in her spiritual excavation and discoveries, only to ask again - What is true? What is the yearning behind the pain? What is the “medicine” and gifts that the world is waiting to receive from us? How is it that we attract whom we attract? Why is it that one person is pulled apart by certain life experiences and another hardly daunted by them? Why do we behave in ways we know don’t serve us? What does it mean to be awake? On and on …

She holds dear the motto, “We always know.” We always know what we are yearning for, what we are here to do, what our essence and passions are. We have forgotten, having been derailed by the difficulties we have experienced in our lives. Tracy honors her role as compassionate witness, skilled guide, and loving reflector, as we journey back home to ourselves. She believes we bring unique gifts, or original medicine, into this world, and it is vital to our thriving and to our contribution to the world that we awaken to them.

Tracy is deeply grateful for her own gifts of vision, insight, spiritual union, and willingness, which allow her to go to the necessary depth. She honors her role as witness and guide as she facilitates people through their healing journey.

About Tracy’s Style:

Tracy Hawes uses an intuitive, nature-based, spiritual approach in her coaching as she mentors you through life transition and healing, into a more fulfilling and satisfyingly holistic way of living.

Whether working with men, women, or mixed groups, Tracy embodies the gift of loving compassion as she skillfully guides her clients through their healing journey. Blending her skills as an expressive therapist, integrative body worker, nutrition and wellness mentor, as well as a spiritually intuitive facilitator, Tracy helps her clients go beneath the surface level in healing.

Tracy utilizes the art of inquiry, non-violent communication, and active listening, which she combines with her spirit-based practices. This allows for clean, clear, and open dialogue – and dialogue is always the starting place. She believes that being heard, appreciated, seen, and compassionately loved is often the missing key to allowing us to unlock our sacred gifts. She helps clients unlock their sacred gifts; actualize their path, guiding them, from where they are to where they want to be.

Working with Tracy is a dynamic process, in which you are an active participant in your own growth and journey. In collaboration with you, she prepares a unique program that will bring you to the best place for you to soar, aligning your heart, soul, and life with your gifts.

Tracy’s coaching sessions are best over a longer period of time, although she is delighted to take a short walk in exploration with you. She offers series of packages from 3 months to 12 months, and she works with couples, individuals, and teens. She work’s with clients either in person, phone, or Skype (Google Chat, Face Time, or Skype).

To contact Tracy about her services, please email her: or to schedule your initial consultation. Please be sure to put Coaching Inquiry in the subject line.

Training and Experience:


Life and Transformational Coaching

We journey through transitions, minor and major, throughout our life, from birth to death. Deep within our core is our sacred blueprint. This blueprint is a unique cellular makeup, different from any other persons. It is through this blueprint that we as human beings thrive and remember our essence and pure heartedness – our gifts. It is essential we are welcomed and supported in bringing these gifts into the world, as many of us have never been. Tracy brings a sacred container to the process of uncovering your unique medicine and gifts. She celebrates the journey with you, as you unveil one facet after another. Together we work through Tracy’s model program, the 9 Pillars tm – Relationship, Physical, Environment, Spiritual, Nutritional, Healing, Creative Flow, Community, and Ritual. This prepares you for the transformation to your true essential spirit. Whether working long distance or in person, we create sacred ceremony to honor each transition. Through continued inquiry and sourcing, your intention becomes clearer and clearer on your journey. The continued process of inquiry allows us to truly awaken to the present moment. Your journey of Transformation begins when you accept the invitation to look, with my gentle guidance, at the brilliance and magnificence hiding inside.

What you will receive with ongoing coaching and mentoring with Tracy:

Possible Tools:

There is a force within which gives you life, seek that. In your body lies a priceless gem, seek that. O wandering Sufi, if you want to find the greatest treasure don’t look outside, look inside, and seek that. (Rumi)


“I have known Tracy as a fellow-traveler on my spiritual journey over the past decade. I have worked and been supported by her in a variety of settings that have been critical elements in my own growth: spiritual events, rites of passage, workshops, and rituals. Throughout my experience with Tracy, I have found her perceptive, passionate, engaged, and knowledgeable. She has a deep connection to spirit and a willingness to put everything on the line in the quest for meaning and self-discovery. Tracy knows how to invite spirit into gatherings of men, women, and mixed groups. She is also able to read and respond to what needs to happen. She has a special ability to know when the time is right to open the door to deeper mystery. I trust her and her gifts. Her maturity and intuition, as well as her connection to ancient and indigenous teachings, will serve anyone who is working with her and seeking deeper truth.”
Steven Spitzer, Ph.D. Boston, MA
Founder and President of Jericho Circle Project, Inc., MKP Elder

“Tracy Hawes is a healer, a shaman, a wise woman, and a devoted sister on the path of awakening. I have known her for two years and throughout this time her guidance has served to open many doorways for my soul to walk through toward healing. She possesses an intuitive knowing and presence that brings forth truth, opening, and laughter. She has allowed me to sink deeply into who I am at the most vulnerable moments of my life. She has celebrated me at the level of essence and called forth parts of myself I didn't even know lay dormant. She is in every sense the woman I would want to have by my side as a (spiritual) midwife through any passage of life, light or dark.”
Paula A, Berkley, CA

“Tracy is a deeply able, thoroughly experienced, and deeply personally courageous individual. Alongside her great depth and breadth of experience, both professional and personal, she has been blessed with an abundance of natural ability and boundless enthusiasm that marks her out. Tracy embodies a unique blend of untiring energy and "street fighter" toughness, with a gentle fragility and no-nonsense humility, stemming from her own powerful and inspiring journey, that not only makes her an incredible wayfarer and guide for the healing process. She is also, in my opinion, the hallmark of the most able healers. Having journeyed with her through a number of healing experiences on more than one occasion I can only say that I would not hesitate to walk the path with her again.”
Cary M., London UK

"I met Tracy when she was co-leading the Nobleman weekend in California. She led by example, leading with her heart, willing to show her vulnerability to help us do the same. The comfort that grew so quickly allowed me to do some deep personal work, exposing my well-protected and hidden wounds to the light and to the healing feminine element that Tracy embodied. I am forever grateful for Tracy and thankful to have crossed paths on our journeys."
K.V. Toronto, ON, Canada

“Tracy is an amazing person who knows how to connect to your soul. She has so much compassion to help others that the beams of light are busting out from her into you & you feel that warmth, you feel that vibration, you feel the Love, it is endless… Thank you Tracy for touching my heart with your blessings and the passion in your eyes of love and caring are always with me.”
Kara E. New York

“It is difficult to think of someone I would want to walk with me through a powerful rite of passage more than Tracy. She is the true embodiment of the earth mother: fierce, strong, compassionate, wise, intuitive, and empathic. And she tops it all off with a wonderful sense of humor and amazing dance moves! Tracy will hold a beautiful space for you, wherever you are, celebrating your reconnection with your genuine and most powerful Self.”
Meggie P., PA / CA

Relationship Coaching

Tracy creates a sacred container in which she asks the questions that start the dialogue. This sacred dialogue opens the heart so we can really see each other and ourselves. This is when the dance of true connection can begin. We each carry our own unique blueprint into the world. Our wounds and life stories distort that blueprint, or original medicine. Tracy uses Inquiry, active listening, Dynamic Dialogue, Non-Violent Communication, and exercises in nature, which she structures uniquely for your particular coupledom. Then hearts can open, and the music of your combined gifts coalesces into a dance of oneness. Although we are separate and unique, in relationship we have a combined beauty in our shared gifts. Once we can see our individual gifts, we can offer them to our partner, as well as others in our life.Relationship coaching is for couples, siblings, businesses, and individuals working on their own relationship to self.

What you will receive from relationship coaching and mentoring with Tracy:

Possible Tools:

When the pot is broken and cracked – Instead of holding it together with mud and string - throw it to the ground and start with that. ~ African Proverb

Bless You Each – Bless You Both – Bless Your Relationship. ~ Rich and Char Tosi


“We have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Tracy. Having her there to guide us through some very challenging periods in our lives was essential to our ability to come out the other side stronger and more prepared for every other challenge life will present. The calming demeanor (within her) helped us to see what was possible, and the positive words spoken to us showed us how to get there. It is possible to make this journey, and we are living proof.”
Matthew and Kwan H. Boston MA

“Tracy provides a loving, gentle, and healing approach to transformational work. I found she provided a safe environment, enabling me and my husband to process through a lot of deep wounds and embark on a new journey of healing.”
Rosa L. Utah

“Last year, Tracy held space for me during pregnancy, and this was following an extremely intense period of "not knowing" myself in an unstable marriage. She called me forth at the beginning of the pregnancy to really celebrate the passage I was embarking on and to reach deep within for the strength I needed to GROW, emotionally and physically in preparation for my baby. She called me inward deeply and she called a community of sisters to circle around me when I felt alone, emotionally and financially insecure. The results were one of the most memorable days of my life as my husband and I prepared for the birth of our child. Tracy holds an incredible space for healing and the celebration of life. She is in effect one of the most talented facilitators/healers/intuitive guides I have worked with in over twenty years of healing work. She is someone to rely on, to trust, to open your heart with... she is a mother, a sister, a guardian angel. She is the woman to call on as we RISE.”
Paula A, CA

Health and Wellness Coaching

Tracy’s philosophy on the wellness journey is, “We always know … deep in our being, we always know what we need.” Together, we tap into that intuition by looking at your “Plate of Life”; my “12 Pillars of Wellness” program: Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Mastery, Financial Flow, Professional, Relationship, Health/Wellness, Play/Joy, Environment/Nature, Spirituality. We touch each area and first work with the ones that are out of alignment with your needs and values. Working from that misalignment to foster a healthier foundation within; mind, body and soul. We can eat the cleanest diet and be the master of physical exercise, however if our relationships are askew, or our financial health is in chaos, we will continue to hit blocks and walls in our health. By looking at each portion of your plate, we will spend time uncovering, inquiring, and creating a new course that will steer you in a more fulfilling direction toward wholeness. This is a holistic approach to, Feeding the Soul tm – Tracy’s signature program in wellness-centered coaching. We don’t live in a one-size-fits-all world. Although we carry a major key from our ancestors, life is very different now. We each have unique situations and life styles. Through thoughtful analysis and exploration, you will learn what allows you to flourish and thrive in your life and wellness.

What you will receive from wellness coaching and mentoring with Tracy:

Possible Tools:

Meditation tools:

The trunk of it is in emotions. The branches and leaves are in the body. The flower of health blooms when all parts work together. (Kurdish saying)


“… double traumas had frustrating multiple effects. I came to see the linked nature of my injuries, as well as the process of healing, with her guidance. Tracy listens with real care, and is direct, gentle, and generous in offering assessment, healing, and self-help information. … (This began as a very stressful period in my life, and a time of deep personal grief); the actual source of pain or "stuck-ness" was better revealed and understood through Tracy's … healing. That and her ability to communicate well verbally contributed to growing trust in her help, as well as increased confidence in taking more responsibility for my own efforts to heal. Tracy was very responsive, supportive, and informative in relation to my efforts. Her care and commitment to healing were evident is in everything we discussed, in everything she offered, and the positive effects of her healing assistance continue as my own efforts evolve.”
Julie C. Westport, MA

“Over the last several years I have been blessed with working with Tracy Hawes in several capacities. I receive her healing work as an intuitive massage therapist and energy worker. I've also worked with her and beside her in the creation of workshops and retreats focused on supporting others in learning, exploring, and experiencing healing modalities and paths to empowerment. Of the many gifts that Tracy has to offer, I appreciate her courage, her knowledge and skill based on experience, her compassionate heart, her fiery spirit, and a true desire to make a difference in the world.”
Karen Moore Holiday, Westport, MA

Sacred Ceremonies / Rites of Passage

rites of passage


a ceremony or event marking an important stage in someone's life, especially birth, puberty, marriage, and death

Welcoming / Birth - Similar to a “baby’s shower”, this ROP is a sacred and conscious welcoming of baby.

Blessing way - Based on a Navajo ROP when the Mother to be prepares her last days before the birth. A beautiful nurturing ritual that usually involves same sex circles of support, nourishment and honoring.

First Moon Blessings – For young girls entering into women-hood near her first menses.

Mentorship into Adulthood for teen girls – On going circles, one-one coaching and support, ceremonies and adventure camps.

Self - Commitment - Designed as a 4 part ROP for individuals to step into healthy self-worth and love. Committing to oneself is often harder than committing to another.

Archetype Explorations – Delving into the stages of our lives and the power sources of the Archetypes that relate to these Thresholds and ROP. Group, Series and Individual programs.

Marriage – Sacred Ceremonies of Union, Hand-fasting and Conscious Partnering

Vine Cutting – A Sacred letting go ceremony

Elemental – By honoring the elemental year; Fire, Water, Mineral, Earth or Nature, we can deepen our nature based connection.

Transitional – Through many stages of transition in life when we honor and witness this time we are healthier and stronger on the other side of the transition

Grief / Funerary - The Grief Ritual is a soul-cleansing andsoul-restoring ROP, designed to provide a supportive, safe space to release individual and collective grief – grief about the losses we have endured, including, but not limited to: the loss of loved ones, the loss of a relationship,the loss of dreams, of identity, and the loss of connection with our Ancestors, Mother Earth, and Spirit.

“There is a deep longing among people in the West to connect with something bigger — with community and spirit.” Sobonfu Some

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
- Howard Thurman

“Every positive change–every jump to a higher level of energy and awareness–involves a rite of passage. Each time to ascend to a higher rung on the ladder of personal evolution, we must go through a period of discomfort, of initiation. I have never found an exception.”
- Dan Millman

“Rituals, anthropologists will tell us, are about transformation. The rituals we use for marriage, baptism or inaugurating a president are as elaborate as they are because we associate the ritual with a major life passage, the crossing of a critical threshold, or in other words, with transformation.”
- Abraham Verghese